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Concrete is Boring !

Concrete, back when our Company started, in 1946, was dull, grey and drab.  However, the walls, walks, driveways, porches and patios were very functional. Times have changed. Concrete is still the most durable component of residential construction, but it has taken on many different shapes, surfaces, textures, and colors.  Concrete has come a long way and today, it is anything but dull and drab.

Colored Concrete

Concrete can take on any color by ordering a colored concrete sent from the plant and the color will be throughout the thickness of the concrete wall or slab. This will ensure the color for the life of the concrete as opposed to a dry shake of colored powder added to the top of regular concrete.


Stained Concrete

Stained concrete with a penetrating color is another method of improving the appearance of the concrete.  The stain can be added to a standard finished concrete or the concrete can be polished to many different levels of polish. The concrete can be highly polished to give a mirror like appearance of the surface. Any pattern can be cut in the concrete and then each cut section can be stained with different colors.


We have been adding color and using different stamps to give the colored stamped concrete an appearance of brick, stone, wood or almost any image you can think of.  We have been stamping concrete for over 20 years.

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What You Need to Know About Our Commercial Concrete Services

Concrete Contractors St Louis MOCheck out a list of our commercial concrete services that we can complete for you below.

Solid Foundation- When you are building a new location or starting a new business, you need to have a solid foundation to begin construction. Depend on us, your concrete contractor in St. Louis, MO, to building the foundation for your commercial building.

Parking Lots- If your business needs to expand the parking area for your customers or you need to add a parking lot for your new business, turn to Hoette Concrete Construction. We have experience starting from scratch and tearing out old concrete to pour new. Improve the customer experience at your business by having enough parking spaces for all of your customers.

Decorative Concrete- Enhance the appearance of your business with decorative concrete. We can add color, stamp, exposed aggregate, or a broomed finish to make your business stand out. Don’t let your business blend in with the surrounding ones any longer.

If you want to learn more about the commercial concrete services provided by Hoette Concrete Construction, dial (314) 895-5000 right now to speak with our staff. As a leading concrete contractor in St. Louis, MO, we are ready to help your business by enhancing the exterior features.

Welcome to Our Blog

Concrete Contractors St Louis MOSince 1946, Hoette Concrete has been a concrete contractor in St. Louis, MO, providing customers with excellent, high-quality concrete construction for residential and commercial projects. We conveniently offer a variety of concrete services including the ones listed below.

Driveways- When you need to remove your existing concrete driveway and replace it with a new one, you can trust the team at Hoette Concrete.

Patios- Let us help you create a stunning outdoor space for your family to enjoy, by letting us design a concrete patio.

Decorative Concrete- We offer our customers the option to add a design to their concrete. You can choose from stamped concrete, exposed concrete, or colored concrete.

Foundations- When building a home or business, you need a strong foundation to get you started. Our team can pour foundations for residential and commercial projects.

Residential- As previously discussed, driveways and concrete patios are an ideal way to increase the value of your home while simultaneously improving curb appeal. Our team can also assist you with the sidewalk leading up to your front door or around to your backyard.

Commercial- From parking lots to decorative concrete for your property, you can depend on our concrete contractors in St. Louis, MO, to help complete your project.

Give our concrete contractors in St. Louis, MO, a call at (314) 895-5000 to discuss your upcoming project.