Concrete Driveway Contractors in St. Louis, MO

Stone Driveway

If you are looking for concrete driveway contractors in St. Louis, MO, you are at the right place. Increase the curb appeal of your residence with a new driveway. Now you can make your driveway beautiful and functional by turning to Hoette Concrete for custom designs and textures. Since 1946, Hoette Concrete has been working with residential and commercial clients. Our team has the experience to build you a concrete driveway in St. Charles, MO, that is as appealing as it is durable.

We are more than willing to work with you on your home improvement project. Your service options include:

  • New Concrete Driveway
  • Remove and Replace Existing Concrete
  • Reseal your current Driveway
  • Concrete Parking Lots
  • Custom Concrete Design

Custom Design Adds Color & Texture to Driveway Installation

Round Concrete DrivewayIf you think concrete means basic and boring, think again. It’s true that back in the day, concrete was poured and smoothed and called a driveway. This made for a surface that was strong and long-lasting, but not very exciting. Today, however, we do concrete with a decorative flair that adds curb appeal and resale value to your property.

Spice up the design for your new driveway when you add color. You no longer have to choose plain, grayish white because you can add shades of green, blue, or red to make your driveway stand out from the other ones on the block. You can choose a color to complement your home and our concrete contractors in St. Louis, MO, can tint the concrete to match.

Instead of plain concrete, why not add texture and visual appeal? Our contractor can do this for you with stamped concrete. By stamping on patterns, we make concrete look like natural stone, tile, or brick. By adding texture and color, the driveway appears as if it were made of slate or flagstone. We can do this with the entire driveway or use this technique to create borders that make your driveway look anything but ordinary.

Underneath the top layer of concrete, you have an interesting selection of various types, shapes, and colors of small stones known as aggregate. We can install a driveway with this gorgeous assortment of stones. Polish it up, and you have an elegant look that showcases your cars.

The Finishing Touches

Let us add that finishing touch to your new driveway. Choose from a broomed finish or mag swirl. Brooming is literally using a broom to smooth the concrete. This leaves an attractive, but textured look that allows for better footing on this surface. Another option is to swirl a brush in a half circle pattern over the length of the driveway. This creates a lovely visual with or without color. Call us to talk about your options in driveway design.

Request a free estimate from concrete driveway contractors in St. Louis, MO, by calling (314) 895-5000 today. Our team looks forward to working with you to create a striking driveway.