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3 Reasons to Start Thinking About Your Patio for Spring

As winter approaches, you are probably dreaming about the warmer temperatures and spending time outside. One way to make the most of your backyard is to have a concrete patio in St. Louis, MO, for your family to enjoy when the temperatures rise again.Concrete Patio St Louis MO

Room to Sit

Whether you are enjoying sitting under the stars or entertaining family and friends while the children play in the backyard, having a place to relax will make a great addition to your home.

Track Less Dirt in Your Home

During the springtime, it tends to rain a lot, and that means mud is everywhere. When you have a patio, your children can easily wipe their feet before entering your home which means there is less cleaning for you.

Easy to Clean

The best part about having a patio is that it is easy to clean. When there is dirt or mud on it, all you have to do is sweep it off or simply rinse it off.

It’s never too early to begin thinking about our team building your family a new concrete patio in St. Louis, MO. Call our team at (314) 895-5000 to request an estimate for your backyard right now.

Concrete is Boring !

Concrete, back when our Company started, in 1946, was dull, grey and drab.  However, the walls, walks, driveways, porches and patios were very functional. Times have changed. Concrete is still the most durable component of residential construction, but it has taken on many different shapes, surfaces, textures, and colors.  Concrete has come a long way and today, it is anything but dull and drab.

Colored Concrete

Concrete can take on any color by ordering a colored concrete sent from the plant and the color will be throughout the thickness of the concrete wall or slab. This will ensure the color for the life of the concrete as opposed to a dry shake of colored powder added to the top of regular concrete.


Stained Concrete

Stained concrete with a penetrating color is another method of improving the appearance of the concrete.  The stain can be added to a standard finished concrete or the concrete can be polished to many different levels of polish. The concrete can be highly polished to give a mirror like appearance of the surface. Any pattern can be cut in the concrete and then each cut section can be stained with different colors.


We have been adding color and using different stamps to give the colored stamped concrete an appearance of brick, stone, wood or almost any image you can think of.  We have been stamping concrete for over 20 years.

Call (314) 895-5000 to speak to us, concrete contractor with many years of experience in designing and placing quality concrete in St.Louis, MO and get a free quote.

How Do We Stamp Concrete?

As you can see the end result of stamped concrete in the picture, you are probably wondering how we are able to create beautiful concrete.  Take a look below to discover our three-step process for stamping concrete for our customers.Stamped Concrete Clayton MO

Pour Concrete

The first step starts the same for all of our customers. We prepare the site for the concrete to be poured. Once everything is mapped out, and the markers are in place, our team will begin pouring the concrete.

Apply Stamp

This part is essential for those who want to give their driveway, patio, or sidewalk something special. To apply the stamp to the concrete, we press forms into the wet surface after a release agent is applied. These forms can make the concrete look like bricks or natural stone.

Drying and Cleanup Phase

After the stamps are carefully applied throughout the entire wet surface, we let it dry like normal. When the concrete is completely dried, you will notice that the stamped concrete is textured and slip-resistant. We then power wash the new concrete clean and apply a coat of sealer.

We will provide you with examples of the stamped concrete, so you know exactly what your driveway or patio will look like when finished. Request a personal estimate for your stamped concrete Clayton, MO, or the surrounding areas by calling our helpful team at (314) 895-5000 right now.